Welcome to the support site for the SOCPA7!

This site was set up to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with protesters who were facing up to 5 years in prison for fighting animal testing.

Browse the site to learn how peaceful protests against Europe's largest animal testing laboratory led to arrests, house raids and criminal charges under laws created specifically to criminalise anti-vivisection campaigning. Find out why the protesters agreed to a plea deal, what punishments they each received when they were setenced at the Crown Court and how this case is typical of the ongoing repression of animal rights activism in the UK.

After 2 and a half years of constant stress and worry the defendants have thankfully avoided serving prison sentences for this case for now, but their sentencing does have ongoing implications for them. Also, unfortunately for Debbie, she is already serving a lengthy prison sentence for another case. Please get involved with ongoing support for Debbie and the other Blackmail3 defendants by visiting their support group:


Thank you to everyone who has kept up to date with the SOCPA7 case and joined us in resisting against State Repression. Please continue to work with us through the support site above.

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